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Well-designed regulatory frameworks in sectors such as telecoms, water, energy, rail and aviation should enable companies to invest in improving their services while ensuring that consumers pay a fair price.

Regulation is at the core of CEPA’s expertise. We have advised government, regulatory agencies and companies worldwide on regulatory framework design, implementation and delivery. We apply economic theory to the real world. We understand how regulators think and can advise companies on how best to advance their positions whilst remaining impartial.

We specialise in:

  • price controls;
  • incentive regime and design;
  • cost assessment and efficiency benchmarking;
  • competition appeals and studies; and
  • regulatory finance and cost of capital.

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"Thank you once again for an excellent presentation, you and your team have been doing a great job with the reports. We feel very much inspired by your work and it will provide useful guidance."

May, 2022
European energy regulator

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