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Although there are other options available, some of the most common ways in which we start our working relationships include:

Directly, on a project-by-project basis

If you have a one-off or an occasional need for advice and think that CEPA’s experts may be able to help, please send details of your requirements to our proposal team who will be pleased to review your needs and will respond with either a request for any specific information, a quote or a full proposal.

If your requirements are not something that we can help you with at the time, we will let you know and may recommend an alternative advisory firm that you might like to approach.

Competitive procurement processes

Whether you are a private or public sector organisation seeking to establish a procurement framework, a panel of suppliers or if you are looking for support on a specific project using a competitive bidding process, our team would be delighted to hear from you. Please send your invitations to tender (ITT) or requests for a proposal (RFP) to our proposal team.

Consortia and sub-contracting

CEPA frequently works in partnership with other high-quality organisations that may offer other specialist expertise to clients. If your response to a scope of requirements (SoR) might be strengthened by the inclusion of CEPA’s credentials, please contact either your existing CEPA contact or Richard Rodger to discuss the potential for co-operation.

Delivery options

We enjoy working with our clients in a variety of different ways and strive to ensure that we provide the most effective solution possible. Most frequently, CEPA delivers its high-quality analysis, expertise and robust advice via:

  • formal written reports;
  • presentations & slide packs;
  • directly to your team from secondees;
  • workshop & training sessions; and
  • briefing notes, brochures and promotional publications.

Our commercial terms

Standard contractual agreements and terms may be agreed with frequent clients or on a project by project basis.