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Global health: Health & community systems strengthening

Our team has substantial experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of health and community systems strengthening activities and initiatives. This has spanned human resources for health, data systems, governance, supply chain management, services integration and organisation of quality of care.

Our team has substantial experience in health and community systems strengthening activities across a wide range of countries covering various WHO regions, income levels, as well as both stable and fragile states. We have worked across a number of different aspects of health systems such as costing for civil registration and vital statistics systems within country data collection systems, introduction of new technologies and commodities, updating of guidelines and programmatic tools, reviews of human resources for health support, analyses of routine health data, assessments of the integration of specific disease and other health interventions, and reviews of scope and effectiveness of community health programmes and their linkage to formal health systems.

Critically, we have good experience in the functioning of the health and community systems as a continuum, for example through evaluating maternal/ newborn health interventions in India including facility and home-based interventions, and through the large scale review of the Global Fund’s investment in resilient and sustainable systems for health, which required eleven countries case studies across varied settings We also developed a methodology for evaluating TB programmes and service delivery encompassing a community, rights and gender orientation to be applied across a range of country settings for the Stop TB Partnership. Our core Global Health team also brings significant experience working with community-based organisations through many years working in Africa and South Asia, collaborating with a range of community-based structures as part of project partnerships spanning systems strengthening, health promotion, malaria, and TB control.

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Laura Grobicki
Managing Consultant United Kingdom

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