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Global health: Immunisation

Our team has extensive experience in immunisation systems strengthening and knowledge of the implementation of safe and high-quality vaccine service delivery. We have also supported the monitoring and evaluation of immunisation services and programmes.

Our team has extensive experience in health and immunisation systems strengthening as well as substantial knowledge of factors that affect the implementation of safe and high-quality vaccine service delivery. This is supported by strong knowledge of wider systems and mechanisms that support access to vaccines, including innovative financing mechanisms, use of public-private partnerships, innovative supplier agreements, improved product presentations, increased vaccine stockpiles, and supporting cold chain interventions, health systems strengthening and monitoring and evaluation.

We have worked extensively with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance over the years, giving us a long-standing knowledge and understanding of Gavi’s work, organisational policies, systems and procedures. For example, CEPA carried out a review of Gavi Phase II and a detailed evaluation of Gavi’s civil society organisation programme. CEPA also provided support for the development of 2016 and 2017 grant application guidelines and forms (2016-17) and the development of Gavi’s Reporting and Renewals Guidelines (2015-16). More recently we conducted an evaluation of Gavi’s Eligibility and Transition Policy and its Co-financing Policy, an evaluation of Gavi’s market shaping strategy, as well as an evaluation of the value for money of Gavi’s contribution to Nepal’s health sector. CEPA also carried out a monitoring of the various positive and negative externalities arising from Gavi’s market shaping investment so as to generate insight to improve and guide future externalities’ monitoring and assessment.

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