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Global health

CEPA’s Global Health practice contributes to the effectiveness and sustainability of development aid in the health sector. We combine public policy, health economics and evaluation expertise towards improving the quality and use of evidence for strategic, policy and programmatic planning and implementation.

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We conduct short, medium and long- term assignments, with clients including global health partnerships, multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies, donors and foundations, governments and international NGOs.

Over the last 15 years, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise across a number of health areas which we apply at both global and country levels. These include: epidemics and pandemics (e.g. COVID-19, cholera) and other communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and hepatitis C; health and community systems strengthening; immunisation; maternal and child health; and sexual and reproductive health. We also work in a number of cross-cutting areas such as health policy and governance, health financing, health data and information systems, commodity market dynamics and universal health coverage. Together, our breadth of experience has given us the knowledge and skills in a range of areas, especially to conduct complex evaluations, provide high-level technical advisory and strategy support and undertake health impact modelling. As a multi-disciplinary team of public health professionals and applied economists, CEPA's main strength is bringing together diverse sources of evidence and analysis to develop relevant and nuanced conclusions and recommendations on complex issues.

To complement the skills of our internal team, CEPA has a wide network of expert associates and institutional partners worldwide, whom we draw upon for specific mandates.

Expertise specific to Global health

  • Evaluation and impact assessment

    CEPA draws on its broad methodological expertise to provide evaluation services that are wide-ranging both technical and geographic scope.

  • Strategy and governance

    CEPA provides broad organisational support relating to the design, development and review of programmes, policies, strategies and supportive systems.

  • Health economics

    CEPA provides a range of health economics services to our clients. These include economic and business cases, value for money assessments and cost benefit or cost effectiveness analyses for varied health interventions or services. We have also conducted reviews of health care consumption, as well as analyses of the functionality of healthcare systems and health-affecting behaviours.

  • Health policy and technical advisory

    CEPA combines its expertise in synthesising available evidence from a range of sources with a solid understanding of health governance, strategic planning and policy processes at both global and country levels. CEPA provides technical advisory support and informs policy review processes across a range of global health areas.

  • Organisational support

    CEPA provides flexible and versatile support to organisations and global health partnership secretariats when additional capacity is required.

  • Health data and information systems

    CEPA has extensive experience in evaluating the design and implementation of data and information systems, as well as monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks, at community, national and global levels.

  • Operational research and evidence synthesis

    CEPA utilises a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to generate evidence and conduct operational research across a range of health areas. We are experts in effectively synthesising complex and nuanced evidence across numerous data sources.

The key contacts for our Global health practice are...

To talk to someone about our experience in this sector, please call either +44 (0)20 7269 0210 for the UK, or +61 2 9006 1308 for Australia.

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Laura Grobicki
Managing Consultant United Kingdom

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