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To support our clients with the challenging questions they face, we combine our technical and sector expertise and often build sophisticated bespoke tools to help assess their options.

Our models help distil multifaceted economics, finance and policy issues into insights that support practical advice. Even at their most complex, our focus on model transparency gives us the ability to explain any result, no matter how counterintuitive. CEPA is a signatory to FAST Standard, consistent with our view that a clear structured approach to modelling improves value-for-money and reduces risk.

Our modelling expertise spans a range of applications, each tailored specifically to the client’s needs and the task at hand. We regularly develop or review and critique financial models, gas and electricity market models, and scenario-based economic models such as those used for cost-benefit analysis.

Transferring knowledge to clients is important for the success of our work and our team is experienced in providing user manuals and model user training. We also take quality assurance seriously, embedding a risk-based, end-to-end approach throughout the model lifecycle. We have provided clients training on model assurance and offer independent model review on request. Perhaps most importantly, we assist our clients with the selection of the modelling tools that are most appropriate for their needs.

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