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Date: April 2023 | Client: LSE | Sector: Communications, media & payment systems | Energy | Global health | Expertise: Public policy & strategy

LSE students present findings about biodiversity policy

Through CEPA’s continuing co-operation with the London School of Economics (LSE), we are pleased to have supported another group of five students undertaking the Capstone Course, which aims to provide LSE’s Master’s of Public Administration candidates with real-world public policy experience.

This year, the Capstone team looked at Natural Capital and Biodiversity. Specifically, they looked at the development of markets for environmental services and the financing of natural capital improvements related to the UK’s Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) mandate. They answered the following questions:

  • What is a realistic roadmap for the development of markets for environmental services related to the BNG mandate in the UK? 
  • What is the potential addressable market for biodiversity improvements given the introduction of the BNG mandate? 
  • What risks exist in the financing of biodiversity improvements? 

With guidance from a CEPA managing consultant, Shafiq Pandor and economist, Paul de Jong, the team (pictured below) was supported by CEPA’s involvement at the project’s inception and kick-off meeting, during a series of discussion and feedback sessions over several months and by the provision of ad-hoc advice as the team developed their analysis and recommendations.

Capstone team 2023

From left to right: Shafiq Pandor, CEPA; Brianna Hambright, LSE; Gyeong-geun Lee, LSE; Erin Fleming, LSE; Femi Ivan, LSE; Sam Molloy, LSE; and Paul de Jong, CEPA.

The 2022/23 Capstone Course culminated on 21 March 2023, with a presentation of the team’s report to CEPA’s staff in London. Commenting, Gary Keane, a CEPA partner said, “The team’s presentation on the topical issue of biodiversity policy was very interesting, well-researched and reasoned. I am delighted that CEPA was able to support the students and we look forward to hearing about their progress as they develop their careers to become economic and policy experts in the future.” 

As an undertaking that delivers considerable social value, which is aligned with the firm’s commitments to the economics community, CEPA looks forward to supporting another group of students with the Capstone Course in 2023/24.

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