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We have extensive experience working on public policy, in areas where - for whatever reason - market forces will not achieve the best outcomes by themselves. Public policy economics is at the heart of what we do and our consulting teams advise policymakers, market influencers and those who may be affected by changes to policy. We draw on more than 20 years' public policy experience, frequently advising about critical issues that may impact the lives of millions of people or the operations of entire business sectors across the world.

Our ability to support key strategic planning and decision-making is core to many of the projects we deliver. We tailor our approach to provide the best advice for each client's needs. In all our strategy work we synthesise information from different sources to produce insightful and actionable advice. Our consultant's understanding of economics, experience applying relevant analytical techniques and expertise across our core sectors, allow them to provide valuable recommendations to clients from an external, independent and impartial perspective.

Examples of our specialist public policy and strategy experience are available from the links on this page.

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