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Date: December 2023 | Client: CRU | Sector: Energy | Expertise: Price controls

Owner/operator of Ireland’s gas network receives decision about its allowable revenue

CEPA has been pleased to support the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) with their latest Price Control (PC5) process, building on the firm’s work to help decarbonise the energy sector in a secure and sustainable way. The CRU has announced its decision on PC5. Overall, the decision provides Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) with €2.21 billion in allowed revenues to support the development and decarbonisation of Ireland’s gas network. In particular, CEPA was retained to advise about the development of the regulatory framework, allowed return, benchmarking, operating and capital expenditure, frontier shift, and the future role of gas initiatives (including hydrogen, biomethane, CNG and smart metering).

The decision and supporting documents have been published by the CRU and are available to download from their website.

Commenting about the project, Patrick Taylor, the Partner who led CEPA’s PC5 team said, “Having worked closely with the CRU over many months, we enjoyed helping them consider issues related to decarbonisation and the future role of gas. As we continue to build on our extensive expertise about the latest challenges facing both regulators and the regulated networks, we look forward to supporting other stakeholders with their objectives to decarbonise and ensure the continued security of supply”.

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Nick Hodges
Managing Consultant United Kingdom