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Date: June 2014 | Client: Consumer Council for Water (CC Water) | Sector: Water | Water competition | Water networks | Expertise: Regulation & competition

Informing the development of water access charging methodologies

CEPA was commissioned by the Consumer Council for Water (CC Water) to provide a report on possible approaches to access pricing in the water sector in light of the reforms being introduced to make the sector more competitive.  

How we did it

The work included (1) a discussion of the main issues related to access pricing including the various cost types that need to be considered when setting access prices (e.g., joint, shared and common costs), (2) an analysis of the access pricing regimes applied in other sectors in order to draw out relevant lessons that could be applied to the water sector and, (3) outlining the principles on which an appropriate access charging methodology should be chosen. 

What we found

The report informed CCWater’s contribution to the development of access pricing methodologies in a way that leads to beneficial outcomes for consumers.    

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Ivan Viehoff
Senior Advisor United Kingdom