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Date: October 2021 | Client: CEER | Sector: Energy | Expertise: Regulation & competition

European energy regulators report on Innovative Business Models and Consumer Protection

Building on the themes of CEER's 2019-2021 strategy, the central aim of the CEER Report on Innovative Business Models and Consumer Protection Challenges is to assess the impact on the regulatory framework and the implications for consumer protection of innovative business models, products and services emerging in the energy sector and beyond.

In addition, this work is expected to assess whether energy systems are responsive to changing consumer needs, behaviours, concerns and preferences, as active trialling of new technologies and business models continues. It also investigates the measures required to protect customers against possible emerging risks.

The report identifies several innovative business models and supporting case studies. The project was structured in two distinct phases:

  • Phase I - Identification and analysis of innovative business models and relevant supporting case studies. This work was performed by CEPA. Our work categorised innovative business models into five key themes:
  1. Community access;
  2. Engagement enablers;
  3. Energy as a Service;
  4. Network optimisation; and
  5. E-mobility.
  • Phase II - Discussion of the potential challenges for regulation that each of the five themes of innovative business models create. This work was performed by a project team, comprising members of the CEER Innovation and Retail Markets (IRM) workstream and Distribution Systems (DS) Working Group, building on the findings of phase one.

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Andrei Vladareanu
Managing Consultant United Kingdom