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Date: April 2019 | Client: Transport for London (TfL) | Sector: Transport | Railways | Expertise: Regulation & competition

Efficiency assessment for Crossrail 2

Crossrail 2 is a new proposed railway linking the national rail networks in Surrey and Hertfordshire via an underground tunnel through London. Our consultants examined the levels of efficiency that might be delivered in designing and constructing Crossrail 2. We examined the targets set by regulators in the infrastructure sector and the extent to which companies had delivered against these targets, and we analysed historical improvements in productivity. We constructed a bespoke efficiency frontier comparator based on the breakdown of costs and works required to deliver Crossrail 2 and we examined how such improvements would affect the cost of delivering the programme.

We combined this regulatory and efficiency frontier analysis to suggest a realistic range of efficiency that could be delivered for Crossrail 2, and drew on our experience of regulatory scrutiny to recommended how best to develop this range into a deliverable efficiency programme that would be convincing for stakeholders.

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