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Date: March 2020 | Client: Unitaid | Sector: Global health | Market dynamics, supply & access | Epidemics and communicable diseases | Expertise: Health economics & evaluation

Evaluation of Unitaid Next Generation Indoor Residual Spray (NgenIRS) project

Indoor residual spraying (IRS) is an effective way to significantly reduce malaria transmission by spraying insecticides on indoor walls and ceilings where malaria-carrying mosquitoes are likely to rest. However, many mosquitoes become resistant to the insecticides that they come into contact with most often. New insecticides are therefore needed to minimize the threat of resistance. Unitaid supported the “Next Generation Indoor Residual Spray (NgenIRS) Project”. The project aimed to facilitate the creation of a sustainable market for third-generation Indoor Residual Spraying (3GIRS) products. Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) led the implementation of the NgenIRS project in partnership with sub-grantees, Abt Associates and PATH and spanned a four-year period from 2016 – 2019.  

Unitaid commissioned CEPA to conduct an end of project evaluation of the NgenIRS project. The objective of the evaluation was to provide Unitaid with an assessment of the programmatic implementation of the project with a focus on the project’s overall contribution to public health impact and the part it played in establishing a sustainable, competitive and growing market for 3GIRS products, This focused especially on the extent to which market access were overcome. The evaluation methods included a documentation review, stakeholder consultations at the global and country level, quantitative modelling, desk-based country case studies and country visits to Ghana and Uganda.

The evaluation report can be downloaded here.

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