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Nature of the organisation

We work on issues across a range of sectors and countries. To be able to offer practical solutions to complex challenges, we bring together staff members with a diverse range of skills and experience. We tailor the project teams to best meet the needs of our client, whether public or private sector. Within these project teams, we work collaboratively and creatively to meet the high standards we set ourselves.

We relish an intellectual challenge. Taking complicated data and applying sound economic theory tempered by judgement and skill, we turn it into data that aids positive decision-making by our client and society.

Our work takes us to clients around the world, but we operate from offices in London and Sydney.

Our culture

Our business is people-focused. This applies both externally in relationships with our clients and internally with our colleagues. Relationships are very important to us and we take the time to nurture the relationships, adding value to our clients through our shared knowledge and expertise. We often establish long-term working relationships that help us understand the needs of the client and focus on overall outcomes, rather than just the short-term. To develop these relationships and maintain credibility, we provide independent and impartial advice.

We pride ourselves on the working culture and ensuring that our staff develop and meet their potential. We do this through trusting, listening to and caring for our employees, while promoting a positive working environment that treats people as more than a number.

What makes us different

We operate as a portfolio business, working across multiple sectors and services. This breadth of experience allows us to have in mind the ‘big picture’, while possessing the specific expertise to fully understand the issue at hand.

Common strands run through the breadth of our work and inspiration is found in unexpected places sometimes. This helps us offer new perspectives on a topic. We have helped develop ‘first of their kind’ policies in a range of areas and actively look for projects requiring innovative ideas, given our shared passion for public policy and positive impact.

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Our current vacancies are advertised on this webpage. Further information about the roles can also be found on the separate pages for junior economists and experienced economists.

"It's great to get the chance to work with such intellectually curious, hard-working and friendly people, who pass on their knowledge through regular internal training sessions and meetings, where my thoughts are welcomed and discussed."

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