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Type of work

The nature of the role is project-based, with projects ranging from a few days to multiple years in some cases. Economists will typically be working on 2-3 projects or proposals for projects at any one time. There is lots of variety and every day is different to the next one.

We work in individual project teams to deliver work for our clients. These teams may be large, for example including partner firms or associates, or it may be that you are working closely with a senior staff member to deliver the work.

On projects, economists will:

  • undertake a range of analytical tasks;
  • contribute to project discussions and brainstorming sessions;
  • draft client deliverables (reports and slide packs); and
  • present to external and internal stakeholders.

Economists are given responsibility and will learn lots in a short space of time, often finding an interest in an area they previously had little knowledge of.

To win work, we typically need to submit proposals to demonstrate our experience and expertise. Economists will often help in developing these proposals, conducting research into a certain topic and drafting relevant sections of our bid. Economists also make a vital contribution to the ongoing operations of the company.

Making an impact

Public policy sits across our work across all of our sectors. Our work impacts on people, not just shareholders.

We enjoy working on interesting and challenging projects at the cutting-edge of policy-making and furthering the evidence base in a given field. Examples include numerous projects relating to decarbonisation and public health.

Lots of our work is directly for decision-makers at the national or international level, with the effects felt by large populations. CEPA works with a prestigious client base and we want our work to make a positive impact.

Our work is on applied policy and you will often see the contribution of your work in your day-to-day life.

Sample projects

We work on a range of interesting policy challenges in different contexts across the world. The types of projects you might work on include:

  • Reviewing policy and technical challenges in helping shift to low-emission and electric vehicles in an emerging country, including designing a pilot project.
  • Developing a statistical model to better understand water poverty in the UK.
  • Analysing the impact of making patents for essential medicines available at a reduced cost to low and middle-income countries.
  • Overseeing the tender process associated with capacity payments to generators in energy.
  • Modelling the efficiency of expenditure in the water sector.

Economists are given responsibility and autonomy from the start, with a collaborative culture being important to our continued success. Read the firsthand feedback from some of those who joined CEPA in the last few years.

Training and support

CEPA promotes a culture where everyone is encouraged to support one another. Many of our senior staff joined at the economist level and remember what it was like, so are there to help.

We are committed to providing staff with training and professional development opportunities on a more structured basis, including:

  • a ‘buddy’ to help you settle in at CEPA;
  • a staff manager to provide ongoing feedback and help you improve;
  • a mentor to discuss your personal and professional development with, outside of appraisal channels;
  • onboarding training to help develop key skills and expertise upon joining the company;
  • ongoing training, including fortnightly internal training sessions run by members of the team;
  • external training courses; and
  • external events and networking.

“Challenging myself intellectually by problem solving and advising public sector organisations during my time at CEPA is my favourite part of my role as an economist, as my work feels meaningful.”

Joshua Woolnough, Economist

"CEPA strikes a great balance of a smaller company where you know everyone and can make a noticeable contribution, with a client base and reputation of a larger firm."

Anon, Economist