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Our aim

As an organisation, CEPA aims to provide social value that is above the minimum required by law or contractual obligation. The work we deliver often involves aspects of CSR, so we embed many of our CSR activities at the core of our values. We set out details of our procedures in approved written policies, to help ensure that the firm’s CSR objectives are delivered by our staff and the third parties with whom we work.

CEPA's CSR pillars

Supply chain - We will look to our partners, collaborators and subcontractors to adopt similar commitments to those we apply to ourselves

Environmental - we are committed to reducing CEPA’s negative impacts on the environment     Workplace - we are committed to working ethically, recognising & supporting diversity & prioritising health & well being   Community - we are committed to being a force for good in our community
  • We recognise the impact that our activities can have on the environment, and we seek to minimise the harmful outputs that may be generated by CEPA’s operations.
  • Where it is not possible or practical to eliminate the damaging output caused, we will quantify the impact of our actions and seek to off-set those impacts using recognised methods.
  • Our workplace will be inclusive. Every individual is treated equally with dignity and respect.
  • Staff health and wellbeing will be valued.
  • CEPA will demonstrate the highest ethical standards in all its activities.


  • We will make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate.
  • We will identify ways in which we can support those in need that we meet through our work or through our teams’ charitable activities.
  • We will continue to allocate resources to support selected registered charities and international institutions.

Our CSR Policy and 2024/25 Action Plan is available to download.

Each year, CEPA's staff suggest a range of charities to support and a selection is made based on the firm's CSR objectives and priorities. In recent years,CEPA has been pleased to support the following organisations:



The Trussell Trust


National Energy Action

Children in Need

Small Steps

Sutton Trust

United Kingdom for UNHCR


Our net zero objective

CEPA is committed to making a positive impact, including in relation to climate change objectives. Much of our work supports public and private sector clients with the transition to a net zero economy, e.g. in the energy, transport and water sectors.

At CEPA we believe that everyone has a part to play in working towards climate change objectives. We have committed to reducing our emissions and aim to achieve net zero emissions before the end of 2023.

CEPA’s primary objective is to reduce emissions wherever possible, e.g. by limiting travel to that which is essential for business operations and by supporting our staff to cycle to work. Where we cannot remove emissions completely, we will offset the remaining emissions through credible offsetting schemes.

We calculated our baseline emissions footprint for 2021 and we produce a Carbon Reduction Plan annually, which sets out our targets and commitments to support us in achieving our net zero objectives. In 2024, in collaboration with Carbon Footprint Ltd, CEPA was certified to have offset 93.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide generated, by supporting Gold Standard Community Based Verified Carbon Reduction Projects. 


To find out more about CEPA's CSR policy, action plan and net zero objectives, please contact Richard Rodger, by email or telephone +44 (0)20 7269 0210