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CEPA was established in 2001, with the main office moving from Cambridge to London a year later. Projects had a varied focus, although they maintained a common thread of being at the interaction of public and private spaces. These would eventually evolve into the sector offerings for which CEPA has become known. In the years since inception, CEPA has been on the cutting edge of many area of economics, regulation and finance as well as breadth of geographical reach in sectors ranging from energy to transport through to global health.

Today, CEPA has more than 45 people based in the United Kingdom and in Australia. Looking at topics from the perspective of the public interest is a theme that continues throughout our work and is reflected in CEPA's vision and the values we hold as a company.

Our values

Collaborative - we want to work with the best and be the best to work with.

Challenging - of both ourselves and our clients expectations.

Caring - what we do should have a positive impact in the world.

Credible - trust, loyalty and respect is hard earned. Reputations count.

Clear - data is just numbers until interpreted with judgement and skill.

We are independent, insightful and ethical.

To continue to make a real difference, and challenge both our clients and ourselves to make considered and ethical decisions, based on sound economic evidence.

CEPA's vision