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Petra Koulia


Petra is is an experienced consultant who works accross all the sectors in which CEPA is active.

Petra Koulia

Petra Koulia is a consultant who works accross all the sectors in which CEPA is active. She holds an MSc degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, with a specialisation in public economics. As part of this program, Petra produced original research in intergenerational income dynamics, including an empirical investigation of the relationship between intergenerational income mobility and educational assortative mating.

Prior to pursuing postgraduate study, Petra worked at BlackRock as part of the Client Analytics Group. In this capacity, she developed customised solutions for the analytical, investment, and risk management needs of large institutional clients across Europe and Asia, leveraging BlackRock’s proprietary asset management platform and models.

Petra also holds a BA in Economics and Management (First Class) from Oxford University.