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CEPA is an economics, finance, competition and regulation advisory firm. Our strength is in advising on issues where economics, finance and public policy overlap. Our team help clients apply the more rigorous, empirically tested and innovative principles of economic, finance, regulatory systems, and public policy to solving complex challenges. We are recognised internationally as a provider of advice to governments, regulatory agencies, international donors, and private sector companies in both developing and developed economies.

To date we have worked on over 500 projects in over fifty countries, with our analysis drawing upon expertise and insight from across CEPA's service lines and sector offerings.

Our approach involves a rigorous and detailed methodology that begins immediately after we meet with the client. The first step is therefore to understand the project requirement, the context and the objective of the proposed work. This then allows us to assign a team that best meets our client's needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our people who are drawn from leading international banks, consultancies, international financial institutions, private sector developers and academia. We often draw upon a pool of associates and expert advisers to complement our project teams where appropriate.

Once the team is in place and we have a firm understanding of the requirements of what is needed, we build a relationship with the client, with our project management being a clear channel of communication throughout and the project director providing oversight and assuring that any outputs are to the highest standards. Whilst work can often be of a highly technical nature, we seek to provide clear and detailed advice applicable to the audience in question.

An illustration of our approach can be seen in project case studies, publications and team profiles.

History and impact

CEPA was established in 2001, with the main office moving from Cambridge to London a year later. Projects varied, although maintained a common thread of being at the interaction of public and private spaces. These would eventually evolve into the CEPA Sector offerings. In the years since inception, CEPA has been on the cutting edge of many area of economics, regulation and finance as well as breadth of geographical reach in sectors ranging from energy to transport through to health. Today CEPA has over thirty staff based in London and Sydney. Looking at topics from the perspective of the public interest is a theme that continues throughout our work today and is reflected in the values we hold as a company.

Whilst we are a moderately sized company, the impact of our work is far reaching. On an international basis, this includes global health initiatives, the delivery of critical infrastructure and increasing the standard of living for smallholder farmers over the world. We work on key public policy areas internationally and domestically. For example, we have worked on the most recent Great Britain price controls in energy, water, rail and aviation, where the regulators are dealing with assets totalling over £150bn and a set of costs which impact upon the domestic consumer.