Identifying opportunities for market-based interventions in infectious diseases

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Dates 2012
Sector(s)Global Health
Service(s)Policy & Economics, Strategy & Finance

UNITAID aims to increase access to quality-assured health products for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in developing countries, through market-based approaches. Hence, UNITAID’s ‘theory of change’ on how it aims to use market impact to achieve its ultimate aim of public health impact, is of critical importance to its strategic and operational activities and decision making.

UNITAID required support in developing its Market Impact Framework and market landscape analyses across the three focus diseases, which are key inputs to ensure the effective application of the Market Impact Framework.

CEPA supported the development of UNITAID’s Market Impact Framework. Our work comprised:

  • drafting a paper on the economics of market dynamics as an input into a potential UNITAID framework;
  • discussions with the Market Dynamics Director and academics to develop the framework; and
  • developing the UNITAID Market Impact Framework for Board approval and external communication.

The market landscape analyses form a part of UNITAID’s core action area to produce ‘world-class market intelligence and ensure its effective use to improve product markets’. We worked in close collaboration with the Market Dynamics Unit to:

  • synthesise and develop strategic landscape analyses based on comprehensive technical papers for HIV, TB and malaria medicines and diagnostics (across markets, technologies and diseases); and
  • develop a process for annual updates to the analyses, which integrated with other relevant processes and structures such as the regular UNITAID Calls for Proposals.

Our team delivered the support from our offices, with regular on-site support at UNITAID’s office in Geneva, working closely with their market dynamics team. The published report can be found here.