PPP options for irrigation development and management in Kenya

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Client The World Bank
Dates 2012
Service(s)Policy & Economics, Strategy & Finance
A consortium led by CEPA advised the World Bank, PPIAF and the Government of Kenya on the Kenya irrigation PPP programme.
The project had two main work-streams:
(i) stakeholder consultations and capacity building in relation to infrastructure and irrigation PPPs; and
(ii) the initial selection and development of suggested PPP structures for several pilot projects, including the financial, economic, technical, legal and social feasibility assessment for each PPP structure.
The former involved building institutional understanding and capacities in the area of irrigation PPP, including drawing lessons from international experience in the sector and local experience with other forms of PPP.
The latter involved screening a long list of projects against certain criteria to develop a selection of pilot projects, before undertaking more detailed analysis, including cash-flow modelling to assess economics and financial viability.