PMNCH strategy and assessment of role of the private sector

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Client The Partnership for Maternal Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH)
Dates 2012
Sector(s)Global Health
Service(s)Policy & Economics, Strategy & Finance

CEPA has been providing long-term advisory support to PMNCH since 2008, including in the development of successive Partnership strategies and workplans, operational support to the Secretariat, and analytical support on the role of the private sector.

In particular:

  • Strategy and workplan development – CEPA initially worked with a range of PMNCH stakeholders to develop the 2009-11 strategy and three year workplan for the Partnership. We were then contracted to support the production of the most recent 2012-15 strategy and a more detailed annual workplan and budget covering the strategy period.
  • Operational and governance support – Our team has provided a wide range of support to the PMNCH Secretariat, including developing operational and decision making systems, developing and supporting the implementation of a resource mobilisation strategy, providing advice during the restructuring of the Partnership’s governance arrangements and business model, preparing background papers for key governance meetings of the Partnership, and facilitating broader Partners forums and global meetings.
  • Role of the private sector – we have provided advisory support to the Partnership on the role of the private sector in MNCH. This has included an examination of the extent of private sector engagement across MNCH activities and its possible role in supporting the Partnership’s mission and priority action areas. This work led to a recommendations paper to the PMNCH Board on proposed methods for PMNCH’s engagement with the private sector. Within this project, we also developed a paper on the role and effectiveness of private sector engagement in child health initiatives globally to reach MDG 4, and on ways to increase private sector involvement to enhance the effective delivery of child health programmes and strategies.