Review of the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP)

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Dates 2014
Sector(s)Global Health
Service(s)Review & Evaluation

The MPP is an independent non-profit Swiss Foundation established in July 2010 with the objective of improving health by providing patients in low and middle-income countries with increased access to quality, safe, efficacious, appropriate and affordable health products, through a voluntary patent pool mechanism. It is solely funded by UNITAID under a five year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The objective of the review was to assess the strategic direction, positioning and operations of the MPP, draw lessons from the its experience to date, and provide recommendations for improved performance. We reviewed the “theory of change” of the MPP and assessed its strategy and business model in this context. We examined its approach to licence and sub-licence management as well as its performance on each of these core functions. Other key areas for review included the cost effectiveness, value addition and value for money of the MPP.

The evaluation conclusions and recommendations were presented to the UNITAID Board in June 2014 to inform their decision on future funding to the MPP.

CEPA used a mixed methods approach, including a desk based review of relevant documentation and structured interviews with a range of stakeholders (including UNITAID, MPP, pharmaceutical industry players, CSOs).