Economic, financial and strategic support to the economic regulator of the NHS

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Client Monitor
Dates 2012
Sector(s)UK Health
Service(s)Policy & Economics, Regulation & Competition, Strategy & Finance

CEPA provided economic, financial and strategic advice to Monitor (the economic regulator of the NHS) to support the implementation of the Health & Social Care Act and to support Monitor as it took on its new responsibilities as the economic regulator of the NHS.

We provided support on a secondment basis in the following areas:

  • Providing support to Developing Monitor’s pricing and continuity of services licence conditions; this included: (i) developing the policy rationale to justify the need for the conditions,(ii) drafting conditions together with lawyers, (iii) helping to draft consultation documents; and (iv) supporting Monitor’s stakeholder engagement at workshops and conferences.
  • Supporting the development of the Guidance that will be used by Clinical Commissioning Groups to designate services as Commissioner Requested Services (CRS).
  • Updating Monitor’s Assessment Assumptions for 2012/13 - the efficiency assumptions that are used to help determine whether applicant Trusts should be authorised as Foundation Trusts. We supported Monitor to improve the methodology that it used to determine the efficiency assumptions, the assumptions were published on Monitor’s website. Providing a review and assessment of the financial model used by the Department of Health to make planning assumptions for the NHS as a whole. The output of this work was a brief that was provided to senior management.
  • Supporting the development of Monitor’s Risk Pool by providing economic analysis of the options for designing commissioner charges to incentivise commissioner’s to designate services as CRS in-line with Monitor’s Guidance.