Wholesale fresh produce market PPPs in Kenya and Rwanda

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Client InfraCo
Dates 2008
Sector(s)Agriculture, International Infrastructure
Service(s)Policy & Economics, Strategy & Finance

CEPA has advised InfraCo on the viability and structure of two wholesale fresh produce market PPPs, in Kenya and Rwanda. The first project, in 2008, concerned a potential US$50m PPP in Nairobi, Kenya. The project had the support of the Kenyan government and was proposed as the first modern wholesale market in Eastern Africa. We provided financial and economic advice, including on the commercial and financial structuring of the project company. The work also included an assessment of the pre-conditions for Letter of Intent signature. The project sought to attract a mix of government, multilateral and private finance, including credit enhancement from international PPP financing facilities.

The second project, in 2010, concerned a potential fresh produce market in Kigali, Rwanda. This included reviewing the project development plan and proposed designs, assessing the management models, and undertaking economic and financial analysis, especially projected revenues, cost of the market, attractiveness to investors and value for money. It also involved establishing an implementation plan including potential market users mobilization, capital investment mobilization, and phases of construction.