Evaluation of GAVI’s support to civil society organisations (CSOs)

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Client GAVI Alliance
Dates 2011
Sector(s)Global Health
Service(s)Review & Evaluation

CEPA was appointed to conduct an evaluation of GAVI's support to civil society organisations (CSOs). GAVI's support for CSOs was one of its five windows of support to countries, with the aim to "...build sustainability at a country level by involving local civil society organisations in the planning and delivery of immunisation, child and other health services, and encouraging cooperation and coordination of efforts between public sector and civil society".

The purpose of this evaluation was to:

  • Document how resources have been expended to support CSO activities in immunisation, child health, HSS, and government/ CSO partnerships.
  • Document the effectiveness of the programme.
  • Provide lessons learnt from the experience.
  • Evaluate the performance of the programme with regard to strengthening CSO engagement at country level in service delivery, coordination and policy development.
  • Inform future programme design and activities for maximum benefit to country partners and beneficiaries.

The evaluation was based on extensive desk based review of relevant documentation, quantitative analysis, structured interviews with stakeholders at the global, regional and country level, an electronic survey and country case studies in select GAVI-eligible countries.

The findings of our evaluation supported GAVI’s decision to consolidate this funding stream and other cash-based support under the Health Systems Funding Platform (HSFP). This model, is designed to allow countries to better define the role of civil society within national health strategies, promoting a more harmonised, country-driven approach and avoiding fragmentation of funding streams. Further information can be accessed here.