Evaluation of the GAVI Alliance

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Client GAVI Alliance
Dates 2010
Sector(s)Global Health
Service(s)Review & Evaluation

CEPA led a consortium, including Applied Strategies and a public health expert from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), in successfully completing the second organisation-wide evaluation of the GAVI Alliance.

The evaluation was carried out over approximately one year. It assessed GAVI’s performance since its inception in 2000, but with an emphasis on the second phase of the Alliance’s operations between 2006 and 2010.

The evaluation focused on two key questions:

  • To what extent has the GAVI Alliance met its four strategic goals?
  • To what extent has the Alliance added value at the global and country levels, over and above what would have been accomplished without the Alliance?

The evaluation covered GAVI’s vaccine (New and underused Vaccine Support (NVS)) and cash-based programmes (Health Systems Strengthening (HSS), Immunisation Systems Strengthening (ISS), Injection Safety Support (INS) and support for Civil Society Organisations (CSO)). It encompassed an assessment of the inputs and processes related to the support as well as tracking of results (‘outputs’, ‘outcomes’ and ‘impacts’), added value, and sustainability of GAVI’s support.

The evaluation also entailed a review of GAVI’s performance on its financing objectives (on increasing the level of predictable and sustainable financing for immunisation at the global and country levels) and the functioning of the Partnership/ Alliance model (including cost effectiveness of the PPP model).

Our team employed a wide range of evaluation approaches and methods, including desk-based review of GAVI documentation and wider literature; extensive consultations with relevant stakeholders (over 200 in number); quantitative analysis including regressions; electronic surveys; benchmarking against comparator organisations; and country studies on Bangladesh, Bolivia, Nigeria, Mali and Uzbekistan. We also developed innovative approaches to collate and summarise results, based on the strength of the underlying evidence.

The assignment resulted in an evaluation report and a strategic recommendations report aimed at improving GAVI’s next phase of operations. Our recommendations have generally been endorsed by the GAVI Board and are being implemented.

Our final reports are available here.