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Client Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
Dates 2014
Service(s)Policy & Economics, Strategy & Finance
BCI exists to make global cotton production better for farmers and the environment. To do so, it has been working with international brands, NGOs, and market actors to help farmers in developing countries (primarily China, Pakistan and India) to produce cotton that not only meets BCI’s standards, but is also at a lower cost to the farmer than conventional cotton.
To date, this has been funded by the Better Cotton Fast Track Programme (BCFTP), but BCI wishes to move to an ‘investment vehicle’ after 2015, which would have a wider scope than BCFTP. CEPA was brought in to design this investment vehicle.
We worked with BCI to set the objectives of this investment vehicle, and undertook a broad scoping study and extensive consultations to better understand what sort of activities the new vehicle could support in the three priority countries, as well as other large markets such as Turkey, Brazil, and even the US and Australia. We investigated the opportunities that might exist for providing more commercial finance to farmers and ginners to support the scaling-up of Better Cotton.
CEPA presented its proposed design for the vehicle to the BCI Council in Jan 2014.