Agricultural sector opportunity assessment in Uttar Pradesh

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Client Private foundations (including the world's largest non-profit family foundation)
Dates 2014
Service(s)Strategy & Finance
CEPA was appointed by the world’s largest private, family-run philanthropic foundation to undertake an “Agriculture Sector Opportunity Assessment Study” in Uttar Pradesh (UP), India. The overall objective of the assignment was to identify opportunities for investment in the smallholder agricultural and livestock sectors in UP, to improve productivity and reduce poverty of smallholder farmers in the state.
For crops, the assessment focussed primarily on rice and wheat, but also included pulses and oilseeds where relevant to specific areas within UP. Our analysis considered four main areas of each value chain: (i) strengthening state agricultural research universities; (ii) strengthening seed delivery systems; (iii) modernising extension systems; and (iv) developing markets. For livestock, the study focussed on dairy, small ruminants and poultry. Our analysis covered three areas of the value chain: (i) animal health; (ii) animal genetics and livestock production, and (iii) market development. The study also included an assessment of the likely barriers and constraints to interventions in UP.
Our recommendations ultimately informed the development of the Foundation’s investments in UP, as well as its Agriculture Development strategy in India more broadly.