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8th January 2018
Big data is expected to change the fundamental nature of many markets. Energy and other utilities are no different. We agree with the consensus that ‘datafication’ of these industries could have a wide range of benefits. But it also comes with new risks of consumer harm. In this briefing note we set out some of the areas where we believe regulators should pay close attention as they look to remove barriers to data innovation. Read more...


Attila Hajos Attila Hajos
, Principal
Attila is an experienced energy economist advising clients on a wide range of energy market-related issues in both European and US markets, including market design, renewable support schemes, security of supply, market monitoring, impact and compliance assessment, and demand side participation.

Lewis Heather Lewis Heather
, Managing Consultant
Lewis is an experienced regulatory and competition economist who has worked across the full length of the gas and electricity market supply chains. He is a guest lecturer in the application of behavioural economics to regulation and is interested in market digitalisation and the algorithm driven economy.