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At CEPA, we have worked on projects in over fifty countries. In many of our sectors, we find that international examples can be a key reference in learning from the experience of others and in becoming aware of new ideas.

While we continue to have our primary base in London, UK, we also have an office in Sydney, Australia. This is led by CEPA Principal, Joel Cook, with support from CEPA Associates based in Sydney and drawing upon resources in the London office. Jonathan Mirrlees-Black, CEPA Senior Advisor, is also heavily involved in our operations in the region. For further information on our staff, please click here.

The opening of this office seeks to build on a number of projects CEPA has worked on in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region, improving our offering and expanding our international presence.

Case Studies

Examples of projects undertaken in the region include:

For more information on CEPA Australia, please contact info@cepa.net.au